Liege Design Studio is a print textile studio that is based in London, specializing in creating exclusive designs, hand illustrated digital prints for the fashion and interiors market. Liege Lopes Sales is the textile print designer, that is driven by a desire to express her art, inspired by her experiences travelling and immigrating to different countries. Born and raised in Londrina - Brazil, she has lived in USA, Italy and now found England her home.

Each one of Liege’s print designs are crafted by hand, in several techniques that will transport the customer in an exclusive story. Each natural and urban landscapes across the globe that she has walked inspires her. As well as experiences immigrating to different countries, the climate adaptation, soundscapes, the flora and fauna full of colours, shapes and textures is interpreted into prints by her vision.

A graduate from State University of Londrina (UEL)- Brazil, with a BA degree in Fashion Design, she has worked many years as a Fashion Designer for brands in Brazil. Master’s degree in Printed Textiles for Fashion & Interiors – (UCA) from the University for the Creative Arts- Rochester – UK. The experiences as a Fashion Designer gave her the great advantage of having a good eye for trends and commercial designs, crucial quality for the textile industry.

Liege Design Studio aims also to connect with your brand and customers creating tailored prints that are just right for your brand. Believing that beauty is timeless and that a good print design communicates the identity, values and purpose of your brand. Now more than ever customers are conscious and will prefer quality versus quantity, highlighting the power of a good design, adding unique values to your brand.

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